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Web Hosting

I operate servers for your web hosting needs, with a fantastic service at an incredible price!

Advert Free
Unlike free or other low price hosting, we have no advertising whatsoever! What you've designed is exactly what you see.
Plenty of email
However you need it, forwarded to another email address or POP email accounts, you can have loads of email address.
(unlimited, but subject to a reasonable use limit as they are setup manually via email or telephone request)
FTP Access
If you need multiple FTP access, no problem, you can have several accounts.
(these are limited to 5 accounts per site)
As standard you can will find a cgi-bin on you site, and on request (at no extra cost), ASP script processing can be enabled.
(don't know what cgi and asp are, don't worry, your web designer will, but basically these enable your site to be interactive and dynamic)
Blazing fast connections
Multiple T3 connections and mirrored backups ensure your site will be available when you customers need it.
(this does not constitute a guarantee, although you will find it working well almost all of the time)
Control Panel Access and Live Statistics options
Setup and control you own email address and ftp accounts via our user control panel, then, with live statistics, see who is accessing you site, when, and where from.
only £20
per year

That's right!
Despite this incredible list of features and the great service you will receive, I've slashed the price of hosting to only £20 each year

I host domain names, just re-point yours to me, or I'll register one or more for you, only £10 a year (or only £5 for .uk names)

Need a website, or just extra features to put on your site, no problem, click here

Give me a call, send me an email, or even write to me if you like! Leave a telephone number and I'll discuss all the details with you!