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Web Design

whole web sites fully designed from
only £400

And that's a final fee for a finished website, no maintenance fees or contract - unless you need that sort of service!

Most customers will find a £400 website has all the feature they need, it can include, and is not limited to:
   • Easily editable event calendars.
   • Editable news pages.
   • Photo galleries.
   • Guestbooks.

Websites can cost more than £400, these will be sites that require a lot of extra work for bespoke custom features. What ever you can imagane can be done, just ask and I'll give you a quote for the work.

add features from only £50 each

Features, such as those named above, or other simple custom features can be added to your existing site from only £50 each.

A typical feature that you might want to include is an events diary or gig guide, similar to the one see on Packington Morris Men's website. This events diary is edited by the secretary of the group, who is not a computer expert, simply by logging onto the secure section of the site, he is able to edit this page and keep the users fully upto date. As soon as event has happened, it is automatically removed from the page.

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and we can discuss exactly what you need.

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